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Breakfast menu

Breakfast variants (homemade bread included, butter)

Classique (coffee or tea, fresh orange 0,2l, ham, slices of Emmental chees and soft – boiled egg, honey and selection of French marmalades) 275,-
Amandine menu for 2 people (2 hot drinks, coffee or tea, as preferred, 2 cups of fresh orange juice 0,2l, 2 croissants, 1 raisin spiral, 1 chocolate roll, honey and selection of French marmalades) 365,-

Breakfast plate (homemade bread included)

English breakfast (bean, champignon, bacon, sausages, egg, toasts) 195,-
Fit plate (avocado, vegetables, cottage cheese, toasts) 185,-
Omelet to choose from (ham, cheese / tomatoes, cheese / champignon) 145,-
Scrambled eggs to choose from (with onion / with ham / with onion and speck 125,-
Eggs in glass (3pc) (with parmesan cheese and butter) 125,-
Ham end eggs (3pc) (fried eggs with ham) 125,-
Our butcher’s Sausages (with French mustard) 125,-
Benedict egg (brioche with poached egg, bacon and Dutch sauce) 125,-
Croque Monsieur (ham, Emental cheese, bechamel sauce, Dijon) 155,-
Croque Madame (Croque Monsieur + poached egg) 165,-
Yoghurt (with marmalade and walnut granola) 85,-
Pain Perdu (baked French toast with fruit and sour cream) 155,-
Homemade pancakes (Homemade pancakes with fruit and sour cream) 145,-
Croissant 45,-
Chocolate roll 49,-
Raisin spiral 49,-


Cereal porridge as preferred 49,-
baobab (BIO chino and buckwheat flakes, almond, dates, baobab powder, freeze-dried raspberries and blackberries)
chia (buckwheat BIO flakes, dried pineapple, chia seeds, coconut chips, lyophilized raspberries)
maca (BIO chino and buckwheat flakes, freeze-dried banana, mulberry, almond, carob BIO, maca yellow, cinnamon)


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